Howdy, Howdy, Howdy Friends, Family, Customers. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am battling the idea of spending more time on my Blog, than I do on Facebook. I have so many that say they do not like blogs, but I love blogging. It's the best way to journal in my opinion, and people can read it, or not read it. It's a choice. I just feel like Facebook will not always be the 1st Choice of Social Media at some point. I am not sure it wil go away, but they are making some name changes and such, and that might not go over well. Anyway, I think it's best to have a back up plan. Today I made Instant Pot Cheese Cakes. I thought it was time to try something new in my Pot. I have been using them a couple of years now, and at first I was very intemidated by the darn thing. It took me several months to try just making some boiled eggs. I finally did it and I was thrilled with the results. Later I bought a second one from Pampered Chef. Now with 2, I have been cooking everything in them. Beans, Eggs, Rice, Meats, Potatos, Soups. It is awesome!!! The list is endless. Basically anything you can cook in your Crock Pot, you can cook in a Instant Pot, in much fastor mode. I think my favorite thing is Frozen Chicken. You just put it in the pot frozen on a rack, add in some water or broth depending on what your making, set for 60 minutes and its done. Some people say less, but I always have great luck at 60 minutes. You just have to try and see what works best for you. You can then slice it or shred it. Makes the best Pull Chicken ever. I use Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce mixed with some Stubbs Sweet and Spicy. OMG, it's so good. I think it's time to get a 3rd one. LOL!!! I have a 6qt, a 8qt, and now they have a 10qt. Now that would be super great for the whole chicken, or a big roast, maybe a small Turkey. If you do not own one, I totally recommend it. You can even get them in a 3qt size for single person cooking. Everything I have tried has always come out perfect. Now you do not get a crispy edge if that is what you like. You would need to sear it first, which it does that also. It Steams, Sears, Slow Cooks, and Pressure Cooks. A all in one cooker. So do you get the idea that its the best thing ever. 



So in the Business World, We had Sellabrations Yesterday. I went back and forth about opening, and I finally decided to open. 2 years ago before Covid, I barely had any business on that day. The reason being is that most of the traffic is on the square, and I am located a few blocks from the Square. Easy access, cause I am also located on the main street. But people mostly focus on the Booths, Food, and Activity on the Square area. The other thing is that it is hosted by the Sanger Chamber. I am not signed up under the Chamber, so they do not advertise me as part of Sellebrations. I get it, I do not pay dues, so no perks for me. Maybe next year I can afford to spend the yearly due, and I will be a part of the advertising. However, my friend whose Family does a Wrestling event, puts my banner on the Ring. So that is awesome. That alone made me want to be open. They are so supportive of my business and all the other businesses around town. I did not get a lot of business, but I did get about 12 people out of a 1000 or so that attended. I had never seen so many cars all over the side streets and parking lots around me. It was jammed packed. So happy it was successful. I wish our little square was always that busy. We really do have a cute downtown and the possibilities are endess. I use to be on the square, but because I could no longer afford the rent, I had to move. We converted our 4 car garage into my little store. It's really adorable. I have very little overhead, mostly electric, and my Craft Shop is right there with my store. No hauling stuff back and forth to another location. There are many perks to having my store here at my home, but there are a few disadvantages. Mostly the foot traffic. I am letting God direct me with this now and no more stressing like I did when I had a ton of rent to pay. I just let him take the wheel on this one. It does keep me about as busy as I care to be for now. I told a friend the other day that sometimes I feel like I own a Factory, but I am the only one working in it. Just never enough time to get all the things done that I want to do. At the moment I am working on some Christmas orniments and doing some Sublimation Tumblers, and various other Sublimation projects. I do love the Sublimation for sure. I actually love all the crafts I do. Wood, Sublimation, Vinyl, Craft Sewing, Paper Crafts. Those are my favorites. All bring such Joy and Keep my mind off of the Worldly stuff going on. As the old saying goes "You should not have idle Hands, You should always be working. All your life." I agree with this for sure. I know when I am Idle, I think of all kinds of things. Those things can make me feel depressed, lonely, and scared. It takes a lot to change those thoughts. I always have to turn to God in Prayer to get out of the negative thinking. So I try my best to stay busy, busy, busy with the things I love. My Family, my Church, My Pets, Crafting, My Store, my Home. 


Speaking of Home, we are still doing renovations. We were on a roll, but the price of wood knocked the legs our of our get up and go. Like a stomach punch. We are doing a few things like painting and such. My daughter moved back home and so we quickly got her room done as best as we could. We did that in a 4 day span, and boy were we worn out. I painted like 4 pieces of furniture, while KP repaired some damaged walls, painted, cleaned the wood floors,  repaired window ceilings, hung 2 new ceiling fans and rewired them from one place to another, repaired plugs, finished the door to the room that we had moved, and finished the closet that we had taken apart. He was a super hero. It turned out beautiful. I was so pleased. My daughter was super happy. She cried when she saw it. It really turned out beautiful. The colors so vived with the white furniture.  One day we will put in new floors. The ones there now look like a Drunk Carpenter installed them. I have uploaded a few pictures below. Hoping to get the Hallway done now and the stair case. Its so hard to find time and energy to work on it. My poor guy works all day, and then he is so tired in the afternoon. On the weekends we are always busy running here and there. Anyways, hopefully we can get it done during the Winter months coming up. I am so excited to finally see some changes. 




I guess thats it for today. I hope all the little Ghost and Goblins have a safe and fun Halloween. Its always so much fun for them. I miss mine being little.  Blessings to all!!! 



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